Our company

Thank you for visiting our website. We are LARK 3D and we produce 3D printers that are affordable and easy to use. We are located in the heart of the hills of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands. Our goal is to make FDM 3D printing accessible for a wider audience of (semi-professional) users and help them in their creative process of making or experimenting with new products or ideas. We believe in the strength of providing a good product complimented with excellent service..! Buying a 3D printer is easy: using it does however sometimes require support or guidance. We further focus on making our products as environmental friendly as possible, because, well we only have this beautiful planet earth to live on… In short we develop our products around 3 core principles: user friendliness, modularity and recycling.

Our 3D Printer

We now produce one 3D printer which is based on the open-source Prusa printer set-up on which we added a significant number of improvements in mechanics and design. We sell the printer as a a plug & play version or on specific requests as an assembly kit.

In line with our policy we use as much as possible components that are both recyclable (wood, steel, plastics) and easy to replace or upgrade at a later stage. This will help us to minimize the ecological footprint and avoid yet another “oudated” electronic device gathering dust in the garage.

Let us know if you are interested: we will be pleased to provide more information or arrange a demo for you.


Social Beta Event Heerlen

14-16 MEI 2014 HEERLEN, NL

We are proud to present our 3D printers at the Expo of the Social Beta Event in Heerlen in May. Come visit our presention in the LIOF Technohouse during the event days. Looking forward to meeting you there..!!


Our principles

1. User friendliness: human interaction with a machine, like a 3D printer, should be as natural as possible. We therefore focus on making this logical and natural. From the software interface to adjusting mechanics you will not require any manual to operate the printer.

2. Modularity: if we want to limit our ecological footprint we should start by making it possible to easily replace parts by new or upgraded versions..! Both to upgrade the mechanics as well as for regular maintenance.

3. Recycling: we use as much as possible materials that are re-usable or recyclable.

In the next upgrades or new models of our printer these 3 principles will lead our development direction.

School projects

Teaching childeren about 3D printing is important. In our experience they are mesmerized by the “magic” of the printers that seem to create something from nothing and immediatly triggers there imagination on what they could do with this.. (printing money is the first thing we always hear..!).

If your school wants to arrange a workshop on 3D printing, we are happy to assist you. We can provide a 2 hour demo and worksshop for schools at no charge (don’t ask how we do that..!!). For longer projects we also have the possibility to rent out equipment for a fixed charge which avoids the lager investment of buying printers.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about us and our products and services please let us know. We value any interaction with our customers: we believe it is essential to grow our company. Please sent us a mail at: